Aluminium Window Systems

Aluminium window systems are well known with its splendid properties;
  • durablity; Light and strong (3.5 times stronger than PVC)
  • non-combustible material (aluminium is shaped at 540°C)
  • need low maintenance
  • design flexibility; Suitable for custom shapes and dimensions
  • corrosion resistance
  • not crack, split or warp over time
  • affordability
  • recyclable, non-toxic (even insulation profiles can be produced recyclable; ask for it)
  • short payback period
  • modern look
  • all colors are possible 
  • bicolor applications possible (inside color matches your interior and outside color can be chosen at a different color)
   Although there are so many advantages of aluminium, it is accused to be a poor insulator of heat. That's true for the material: Aluminium, but false for the modern insulated aluminium windows.

What is insulated aluminium window? How is this possible?

   Insulated aluminium windows that have the internal section of aluminium separated from the external section by way of reinforced polyamide profiles. The three ways in which heat gets transferred in window profile are through conduction, radiation and air convection. This can be removed by using polymide insulation profiles. These polyamide profiles have different names: insulation profile, thermal break, thermal barrier, insulation barrier etc. The objective of these profiles, as its name implies, is "breaking" the heat transfer and noise through inside and outside shells of aluminium. Therefore thermally insulated aluminium window systems achieve maximum energy efficiency.

   The introduction of polyamide insulation profiles (thermal breaks) since early 80's* take aluminium door and windows to a new level – offering perfect thermal insulation. Today the variety of insulated aluminium window systems allows you to get better insulation performances than any PVC window system.

Are all the insulated aluminium window systems equally good at insulating?

   Of course not! There is a big gap among performances of aluminium window systems. Contractors' and end users' lack of defining performance needs of aluminium systems can cause price to be the first thing to consider in some cases. That's why we come across with bad applications of aluminium systems. If it is not the case, an aluminium system can fulfill every need of yours. That's why i am here. First let me ask:

What is a good quality aluminium window system?

   You can't count something good or bad if you don't consider price. The best aluminium window system is the system which fulfills your minimum performance requirements for the most affordable price.

Should i test and classify performances of different window systems by my own?

   Luckily, there are many standards which help classification of window systems. Window system companies is forced by the standards and by the market needs to get these classification and qualification certifications by participating many different product tests, conducted by objective notified buddies. Therefore, it is in one respect easier to choose among many window systems.

What kind of performances should i consider to choose a window system?

   There are some criterias. But their importance changes according to the natural requirements of your project plus your requirements. Some of them can be listed as:
  • Thermal transmittance
  • Air permeability
  • Water tightness 
  • Resistance to wind load
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Impact resistance
  • Fire protection
  • Burglar resistance
  • Bulletproof 

What is the product reliability of Turkish aluminium system companies?

   Right after the first appearances of insulated window systems at Europe, Turkish firms started designing and producing thermally insulated window systems as well. Turkish system producers are capable of producing tested and certified high insulated window systems. Not only insulation concerns but also qualicoat approved powder coating and qualanod approved anodizing standards will be met by these systems.
Today there are many firms in Turkey which produce high quality insulated windows to fulfill compelling needs of customers' requirements. Any stringent condition can be overcomed with huge variety of producers and products. Since the early 2000's Turkish extruders and system producers started to fulfill product tests over their systems to testify their systems' profeciency. That's make choices to be easier than ever.

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