Buy Aluminium Profile

I need to buy aluminium profiles in Turkey. How can you help me?

- You should have the exact cad drawing of the profile you want to produce. If not, we can make it drawn according to production possibities. Aluminium profiles are produced by a process called extrusion. The nature of extrusion process can have some limitations. I can draw your profile so that it is suitable for extrusion presses.
- After we finished the drawing I can find the best factory for you to get it produced. However this choice is a hard one. Some companies are really cheap but quality is not good enough. If you need anodized profiles for example, quality should be important for you. If you need mechanical process after surface treatment, it also effect our choice because some factories have mechanical process unit, some not. If your need is urgent, some factories can't match for your deadlines


Buy Aluminium Profile in Turkey

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